GEt your company aligned

More control, less work!

With the S4Pop order management software, you ensure optimal and transparent management of your order processes, thanks to the integration of budgets, pre-defined preferred suppliers and automated workflows. With the ultimate goal: more control, less administrative work! With an integrated order process, you ensure fewer errors and more speed. That ultimately means a well-structured expenditure. Automation of the entire process results in complete control over every step of the way.

Being in control of the order process gives a higher rate of transparency and insight. The Interactive dashboards will give you clear insight and guidance over the whole workflow process. You have an interactive view of how the entire organization stands for and what strategical choices you have to make. A win-win situation for every company.

From budget to payment

You want to meet the demands of your preset budgets, but you also want to keep a grip on your processes and insight from start to finish. You want to manage the entire order process, from budget to payment. The order management tool of S4Pop captures the entire process for you. In addition, it shows you at any given time how your organization is doing. Through the interactive dashboards that are included as standard, you can view each process and make a report out of it with a simple click of a button. This means that you can look ahead instead of constantly having to consult your rear-view mirror. Realtime insight yields your optimal return.


Upgrade your business’s efficiency to a next level.


With the smart business intelligence backend all important data will be structured, sorted and prioritized in a clear way. S4Pop makes understandable information from raw data. By making this information transparent, you can better manage the overall results and processes. Moreover, you can zoom in on the data and filter on the information you want to see. The smart business intelligence backend is delivered standard with S4Pop. A smarter organization begins here.

prevent fraud at once

Loss of documentation, wrong orders, missing packages, incomplete delivery and mismatched invoices are common in every enterprise. This is a thing of the past with the unique closed end-to-end system of S4Pop. If the software suspects fraudulent behaviour it wil automaticly notify the end-user so he can check it and take further action.

The software also keeps track of all documentation and actions of the users.

Afterall prevention is the best cure.


On average S4Pop clients save 40% of their spend. That’s a fast win-win situation, good for your company and good for your liquidity.

Real-time control over purchases means you never go over budget. Never make an unnecessary or duplicate purchase again. Save an average 40% – some of our clients save even more. Put your money where it belongs: in your business.